cOmE aND riTE

Friday, May 13, 2005

Back aFtEr a BrEach

"Bye Bye!", did i say that.. Nah' I never say bye to a thing that is so good to me. And i've liked writing, not always, but at times only. I started blogging abrupty. I am not one of those who has a good command of patience. So I am always unfinished with the things that i start doing.

Yestarday, night, I was awake till 4:30.. Though it was morning by then, I planned not to sleep. As I had told my friend that I'll be wating for him in the bus stop at 5'oclock morning. But I was tired. I streched my eyebrows. Rubbed them hard so that I don't fall asleep. The night was amicably spent. I had such experiences that one can hardly bear. But, I can't disclose each and every secret. And I in noway want to be a thin-skin and a perfect revealer. So I can't tell you about my experience, that night. But I must say they were amicably bitter.
Just when it was 4:30am my modem betrayed me. The computer was shut down. I tried instaling it once. But failed. I was perceptive of the fact that, I was sleepy. I thought I better lay back on my bed. And as Laid down, I was fast asleep. The morning was bright. I was awakened at 10:30'am.. And followed the day's rutine.

Thursday, February 10, 2005


Exams are nearing. Everything seems so gloomy. OUr lives have become DOWNBEATS. Whenever we get some time, we think of the DOwNbeatS. Our minds are in anguish. We can think of success, but that adds another dream to the list. We are afraid to lose. But we don't know the way to victory. We have the guitar but dont have the notes. We many times try to pluck the right string but fail. We make wierd noises. Our life's a stage and our guitars're our lifeline. The crass music that I play is inferior. I need perfection. I open the computer in search of peace. But the keys hurt my delicate fingers. I try to play the guitar with my wounded fingers but fail. Everything is in vain. I am afraid to lose. Our dreams are rhapsodic, but in vain. I try to rewind my mind and hope some peace. But end being a hopeless lad. I distant my cronys playing the wrong string. The string stings. I listen to crass musics but everything in vain. I rewrite my fellings but in vain. Hopelessly watch the telly, but hope seems never to meet me again. 'O bondhu eso, kachey eso, tobu eso, kache eso'-lol. Water bottle above my computer table just waiting for a chance to spill water over my keyboard and dysfunction it. I'll cry bottles of water if that happen. But be it the water or some other creature, I'll have to cry. "dHAdaR thEkEo JotiL tuMI"!

Friday, February 04, 2005

..:: n0thiNg iS wRoNG ::..

How does the world define the wrong? As the world says, "wrong is something unpleasant, something that is untrue, something that is unfair, something that is wrong". Then I'd say everything that we do and see is wrong. As a right maybe wrong to you or a wrong might be a right to me. That means we have no rights to define the wrong, nor even the right. But truth is the reality. We have to face the truth as it is always right. A a false can be right or cannot be also. But truth is always triumphant. We might have coloured our lives with all the rights, but the picture is not clear until there is the colour of wrong. And to make the picture even more pellucid we have to taste every right and wrong. But beware wrong should not do wrong to others. That is you can take up smoking and die young. But your smoking should not ruin others' lives. For example, if you have a girl friend who love your more than her life. In that case, it would be wrong to die in your youth, shattering the girl's aspirations.

"A right can afford a defeat, but a wrong cannot"-niK

Thursday, February 03, 2005

cOmÞuteR c0MÞutER!

Machines will alway be machines. I have been troubled by my computer since the last 3 months. Once I was able to log in to windows 98se;; I lost track of windows XP. And when I was able to work on windows Xp I found problems with 98se. I formatted my drives. I partioned and made a single drive with the letter C. And again re-partioned the drive into two equal parts C & D. Now the primary dive letter had 98se and the secondary had XP. But whenever I tried enter Xp there was a black screen to my dismay. This prevented me to work on XP. But today I was kind of touched by this nonsense. SO I got my CPu and disjointed every single connections. I re-assembled each and every part knowing what is best. And when it was all done, cheers it became ok.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

sTuck beTwEEn BIO. & COMP.

Oh..err..umm.. yestarday i turned 16. To be simple 31st Jan was my birthday. I don't like to mention what I did and what I didnot.

So I am on the brim of one closing year. And so I have to think about class 11 well; in advance when I already have bought the admission form. It is to be submitted to the school department early by 12th of this month. And I we are to mark the additional subjects either, when submitting the form. So Mathametics is a sure shot but I can't decide my mind if it will be Computer or it will be Biology. I'm in a great dilema. Thus to clear all this doubts I made some kind of survey. And to my surprise maximum of my friends were in support of Computer. At first I thought I'll have no one supporting me in the Computer line. But see I have many. It is not that I dislike biology but that I like Computer more than anything. And being with my computer would be like being with my life. I always prefer to do something that is good for me and in a way in which I am interested in. So the chooice is clear. See, I can't spend my time with Biology but I will love to spend my time with Computer. Taking Biology and going on with that line is like climbing a leafless tree. A leafless tree, no photosynthesis and in turn no fruits. No fruits mean no gains. And moreover I can't let this chance slip my hands. When I can learn something as interesting as C++, then "I love you baby, I love you". That means I love to take Computer as my subject. Atleast if I take computer as my subject then I'll have the excuse to sit in front of the computer monitor, which would not be possible if I take biology. And just think NIK THE COMPUTER GEEK studying biology! Gosh' won't that sound startling? So 'chow chow BIO.' And 'holla COMPU.'

Friday, January 28, 2005

WhaT maKeS tHe iNDiaN v0TiNG absuRD!

WE have dozens of reality shows. For example 'V-pop star ki KHoj', 'dANCE dANCE', 'Indian Idol', etc etc.. Among all these shows I'm a regular viewer of 'Indian Idol'. Indian Idol has a rule of voting. People are the jury and they vote out their least favourite contestants. So, for quite a few days I was noticing that the voting is absurd. The results were shocking and a bitter one. Ravinder Ravi sorry but I should say he deserves a thrashing. Please India let the capable win. If Ravinder is the Idol of India, we can well conclude that our country's future is in danger. Talent shows are not emotional roller coaster shows, here the talented wears the crown. So vote effeciently and be fair.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

wHat'z nxT?

Early in the morning the alarm clock woke me up. I found my breakfast ready. I asked mom if I could drop my school that day. But mom didnot care much about what I said. I thought just because she was thinking about her work, she did not care me. Anyway, the school bus halted before our house. It blared thrice. But i saw mom taking no notice of it. Strange! I hurried up to the bus without seeing my mom out in the varenda. While in the way to school I found everyone staring at me in the bus. "wh..what is it?" I demanded. "Do you know your parents were called yestarday to meet the school authorites?", someone in the crowd added,"Grow serious nik". Was there something wrong? Who cares. It was my daily routine by now. My parents were called now and then, so common. But I thought over, was my mom worried, because of this reason? Who cares! Alas! none of my friends laughed at my jokes or my nonsense dramas. "What happened to them now?", who cares! But I felt as if they were avoiding me. Yes they were along with my teachers. I went back home with lots of interrogations on my mind. "Mom serve the lunch fast, I am hungry", I shouted. Uhh! Mom threw my books and the computer screen breaking it into pieces. After that! mmmm ... er... don't ask me. Even I am as eager as you all are, to know what happened next. Arrey YAAR! Damn how can I tell you what happened next, as I saw all these last night in my sleep. And I woke up half way in my sleep when I saw my computer screen in pieces. What'z nxT?

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