cOmE aND riTE

Friday, January 28, 2005

WhaT maKeS tHe iNDiaN v0TiNG absuRD!

WE have dozens of reality shows. For example 'V-pop star ki KHoj', 'dANCE dANCE', 'Indian Idol', etc etc.. Among all these shows I'm a regular viewer of 'Indian Idol'. Indian Idol has a rule of voting. People are the jury and they vote out their least favourite contestants. So, for quite a few days I was noticing that the voting is absurd. The results were shocking and a bitter one. Ravinder Ravi sorry but I should say he deserves a thrashing. Please India let the capable win. If Ravinder is the Idol of India, we can well conclude that our country's future is in danger. Talent shows are not emotional roller coaster shows, here the talented wears the crown. So vote effeciently and be fair.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

wHat'z nxT?

Early in the morning the alarm clock woke me up. I found my breakfast ready. I asked mom if I could drop my school that day. But mom didnot care much about what I said. I thought just because she was thinking about her work, she did not care me. Anyway, the school bus halted before our house. It blared thrice. But i saw mom taking no notice of it. Strange! I hurried up to the bus without seeing my mom out in the varenda. While in the way to school I found everyone staring at me in the bus. "wh..what is it?" I demanded. "Do you know your parents were called yestarday to meet the school authorites?", someone in the crowd added,"Grow serious nik". Was there something wrong? Who cares. It was my daily routine by now. My parents were called now and then, so common. But I thought over, was my mom worried, because of this reason? Who cares! Alas! none of my friends laughed at my jokes or my nonsense dramas. "What happened to them now?", who cares! But I felt as if they were avoiding me. Yes they were along with my teachers. I went back home with lots of interrogations on my mind. "Mom serve the lunch fast, I am hungry", I shouted. Uhh! Mom threw my books and the computer screen breaking it into pieces. After that! mmmm ... er... don't ask me. Even I am as eager as you all are, to know what happened next. Arrey YAAR! Damn how can I tell you what happened next, as I saw all these last night in my sleep. And I woke up half way in my sleep when I saw my computer screen in pieces. What'z nxT?

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

woRRYing FUTuRE!

PRE-BOARD results are out. I am depressed. Rather worried. I have to say goodbye to my loved school. Say anything but the truth is that my school is like a family. The HEM SHEELA family. And I cann't be overthrowned so bitterly, from my family. My stay is necessary, not for the HEM-SHEELA family but for myself. Old friends, teachers, the field, the place where we sat and chit-chatted about all the foul topics, the green-board, the school days. I feel like weeping all night. I cann't stand the despiar anymore. This dismal condition is all because of my laziness towards my studies. DO you know how much I have scored in ENGLISH; only 39 out of 100. uh-huh! Using bombastic words while writing blog won't help me become an english man. English is not easy after all. It takes years for a self to accomplish some tasks. And see when I had the opportunity, I wasted it, as if it were a child's play. I wish if I'm admitted in my HEM-SHEELA family once again. I am not a 'gadabout' in a sense. But I always like gadding around. Tell me who does not like gadding about? I'll miss my school. What I am more worried about is about the new school where I am going to be admitted in; if I am out of the family. GOD scares me. Ghouls play in my dreams. The witch frightens me in my dreams. The sun-sets for ever in my dreams. Is this any dream. Why am I so scared? I am a sport after all. I am not like a normal child. But I am a human besides all. I have too many friends and not even one enemy. And saying bye to all is so difficult. CAN I CRY MY PAIN OUT TO THE WORLD? How can I regain the GIMMICKY smile?? I don't want to lose any of my friends. I cann't stay my life without them. I am so very used to my schooldays. BABY WONT TO LISTEN TO MY HEART BEAT?? Apart from the knowns and unknowns, what else is there??

Sunday, January 23, 2005

L0vE U piNDRop dA'

"A man may die, nations may rise and fall, but an
idea lives on. Ideas have endurance without death."-

It was almost a year ago. I first went to the Calcutta Global Chat. I was new to the kolkata room. I knew no one there. I found a guy using foul languages. That gave me a tinge of making some fun. It was a girl named barbie whom I victimised. I abused the girl with all the gross vitriolic words I knew. People abhored what I said. Then It was pindrop da to my rescue. He PM'ed me. Said ,"hey buddy! don't be so rude." Now I realized what wrong I was doing. It was pindrop da whom I gave my intro to. Gradually, talking for quite some time we befreinded each other. He told me about him. Now we had become friends. I accepted him as my dada. He ws kool. He was like me. He taught me more about chatting. What luck I am to have a dada like that. I heard more about him. His girl friend, home, friends, etc etc.. umm! now we shared secrets. Everyday we used to chat till 2-3 o'clock night. I become so very fond of him. I loved my dada. He is so sweet. We talked everything. We shared our feelings in times of joy and sorrow. Now I had his mobile no. Though I never called him,but sms'ed a number of times. Things were so good then. But It was time for him to go back to Bangalore where he was doing his higher studies. He left. I was so depressed for some days. But I was habituated soon. I missed by brother. I missed talking to him. He came in for chats on sundays. It was so good talking to him. It felt as if he was my own brother. I felt like home with him. But with time everything changed. Everything was so gloomy. He was struck by several diseases. His health betrayed him everytime. Now he has caught an incurable disease. Dear! I cann't see him bear the pain. Just think of his life. His girl friend , family. Now he is so sad. I find him talking about his health all the time. I pity him. I am so very disheartened for him. I feel terible. I must tell you he's LIGHT-FINGERED. He steals away the hearts. He is my sweetheart. I love him and I'll love him till i am dead. Please, I request all of you to pray for him!

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Romp the RuLes

Cigarattes, more cigarattes, and even more. Angan Dutta is all worthy. And why do you think he has a cigaratte lit all the time. Just because I have a cigaratte lit like him all the time. Noon was boring today. Nothing to pass my time with. Sometimes I thought I would read the story book and do good to myself. But who cares. Anyway the clock ticked 4. I could no more resist myself from stirring out. I searched my closet, to check if I had some lose cash or not. It took only a minute for me to gather more than 5 annas. I plodded to a ciggy shop. I waited there a bit thinking which brand to try out today. I set my mind. One ciggy and a packet of bidi. Gosh' please guys do not think myself that poor. I think bidi is not so bad afterall. The good points lie in everywhere. I'll tell you the positive points of bidi. bidi doesnot smell like the ciggy does. It is lot more economical. Bidi's are fun. Anyway, I knocked the shop. "Gimme a flake and a packet of bidi", I added, "and please do give a matchbox along." While I was nurturing my purse for the cash I was cheated. That is I was given a wrong brand of ciggy. Oh' mistake again. Advice to you people, do check what brand you have after the transaction. Hmm. there was no time for me to revolt. I had already swiped out half of my ciggy sitting on a platform nearby. Hmm good enough. But the taste of the ciggy was disgusting. I learnt a lesson. Good for me. Okay that was so. Now I have come to our field. Alas no one yet has arrived. So I thought to myself-''nik let's have the bidi''. KOOL.. I lit the bidi. Oh great. I must say the bidi tasted better than the brandless ciggy. Then came in one of my friend. I offered him a bidi. With joyous smile he accepted it. And to accompany him I lit another bidi. Then came another boy, now he offered me a ciggy. Oh' what an opportunity. Do I let go? Hmm I had to. I said to myself, -"nik smoke another bidi if you want and forget the ciggy". I bet my life, bidi smoking is kool. So I had three bidis today. I had to leave the packet at the field itself; booking few more bidis for tomorrow. Night's approaching, if my father is asleep. I'll steal out a ciggy from his packet. eh heh'

mY Fatu0us miND

SO many things to say, so many words to write. But just think of me & my mind. Humans is to mistake. And mistakes is to GoD. It is God who is responsible for the wrongs and rights. So blame God. Everytime you have done a mistake, blame God for it. Oh' I am writing piffle to wrong you all. HAHA. Actually i like to flaunt with the piffle that I write.
Anyway, I was without preparations today. I had gone to school and not even once prayed to God. I knew I'll die all the way. Nothing can save me from getting doomed. But thanks to my luck. It was the fluke that made my mind comfortable. Biology was what I got. And there was only one practical to do for biology, but the others were time consuming. It went off nice.
Mistakes of my fatuous mind-

  1. I told my friend that I would ring her back in 20 minutes but rang her after 20 hours.
  2. Went out driving scooter with my cap on. While I was pacing my scooter at 65 km/hr my cap blew of 5 meters from there. I was embarrased.
  3. In the school, thought of a change and don't know what happened, I sat with my geography teacher talking rot. We talked about problems. Present generation. And I a damfool; told everything about myself. And even told what my attitude was toward girls. I told miss that sex is natural. And we can have sex with whomever we want to. I told her everything. I even told her about the DPS MMS scam. I told that I saw the MMS video. Oh shit. I am a DAHA!
  4. I had a sickening realization after I came out of school. And without boarding the bus, I came home tiring my legs.
  5. Driving scooter, fun. But all the fun went in vain when I saw the scooter make a choking sound and stop half way.
  6. Dated a friend for Sunday. Damn I can waste my valuable time for dates, that to on sundays. Sunday means INTERNET.

Friday, January 21, 2005

eH' giRls are vexatious

Yestarday, I awoke till 2'o clock night. It was less than the usual time I am woken up till. I had my tuitions in the morning 8 am. Though I got up from the bed yawning and woozily. After a long strrugle I finally managed to brush my teeth some how. If I were a yobbo then I would have simply bunked my tuitions. There was nothing to do at my tuitions. I thought about a 'whodunnit' where a girl was murdered. I like whodunnit s. eh heh'. I were to do a class with a girl whom i disliked. My friend was there. So I had a sigh of relief. Thank God that the tuition was well and good. Actually passed out somehow. TO be very frank what I dislike about the flimsy girls is the "verbosity". Damn it. I hate it. In a different term I hate them. As usual she tried to prove herself kool. Which was so damn irritating. The tuition was fine overally. But why it is that the girls are not normal. As they say- "A married man lives longer than a bachelor. Actually it only seems longer." This was meant to be a joke which is a truth.
An article on our school came out in the newspapers. It mentioned about the foreign students who came to our school for assessments. It noted one of them saying-"why is that the teacher and the students are so repelling, that is, why is there a communication gap?". Good Question indeed. Hope to see some changes in the attitude of the teachers. "DAHA!"
I have my Science practicles tomorrow early in the morning. I did nothing. I jusk jacked out watching telly, listening to some of my old favourites i.e. the Bombay Vikings. Now I am going to do a bit of my studies after 12 midnight. Not for long but for an hour if possible. So ghees! See you soon and you DAHA! guys go and pray for me.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

0 mY GOD! ashi getting famous!

Oh n0 this can't be so. Now 2-3 people i know, knows about ashi and the secret behind. I did not want to disclose anything about ashi. I mean I did not want her source to be learnt by all. I am a at loss. No-no no more DAHA! will know anything about her anymore. That is, I would talk about ashi publicly. But no infos. eh heh'
So sad I did not see ashi today. It's all because of my DAHA! tuitor. GRRrrr I am going to see ashi with no fails tomorrow. Touch wood, I won't miss any of my chances tomorrow. I won't care the rain or the thunder or the lightning. Let the Tsunami strike once again. But seeing ashi is must do; tomorrow.
IMPORTANT- chatting column is out of order. Please act kool to the malfunctioning. I'll mend it soon when I have time. Then you can see the chatterBOX encore.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

cRuSH mE <^> mY cRuSH !!

I would give a small intro at first. Name "Anvesha Banerjee Ray"; known as-"ashi". UuuuuuH what a name! I am damn crazy about her. Just think a girl with the name-"ashi" can be like what? Kool she is. Her style, soberness, blah! blah! blah! .. is less to describe her. She is a dazzler. Her face! CHO CHEET!.. Hairs uuuufF' just too much to resist. Hairs has an unique style. She is a "toff". No matter you fogeys, you'll soon learn to fashion. I must tell you I fancy her with all my heart. I like to make her my CRONY. What does she say all the time-"DAH!". She pronounces like this-"DAHA!".. Phew! shE is too much. If you just look at her in her school uniform, you feel vibes! HUUUUuu! Red tinge of her hair makes me go wild. She is so kool! Her hairs are first and last of a kind. Never seen such style before.. Damfool I am that I don't have her as my crony. Today is the second day I saw her. I can't bare to see tomorrow take so long to come. Can I not see her all the time? eh' why can't all girls be an elegant fop? She is so so very fop. Not like all those flimsy girls. A SASSY girl she is. I wish she makes me think positive about girls. I am fascinated. I am a dreamer. I am so into her. I want to spill more of her out of me. A toast for her. YEAH! Now onwards my favourite quote would be-"DAHA!". 'TOUR DE FORCE'


Note mentioning are those who are the icon of reality. Hardship is inescapable. The things that our life brings forth ignite within us the fire of determination and self-sufficiency. But we lack the determination. What deters the determination? True human always face defeat. As they say,"Faliures are the pilliar of success". But let your determination act as a stopcock stoping the faliures. I know it is hard for you to understand that life for its name is not life. I always say-"never say never". But look, my saying has, not none, not one, but two "never"'s! We have friends to share our feelings. We have friends to burden our thoughts upon. We have friends to harass them all the time. But we are noteable only when, we treat friends as friends. We should learn to be ourselves. You are hurt, happy, sad, anything; try consoling yourself. Try and let your friends be on their own. This way you'll learn to tackle problems yourself. Do we understand the meaning of friends? No, not all of us do. According to many, friends are someone with whom we can share our feelings, we feel comfortable. But is that only what, friends are for? I'll tell you what I understand by friends later on. Now do you know who a stoic is? Now don't be so stolid. It's high time you learn this. We have sad stories behind all the famous men. We hear about stories that makes us understand that life has many thorns within. But do you ever wonder, why there is a sad story everytime? The answer is-"Hardship is inescapable". One has to learn to mar the poison with poison. Things will be easy then. Trust me!

Monday, January 17, 2005


0h huH' Did I tell ya' all, that I'm a coumputer geek?? Sure have not. I saw the computer for the first time at my school. I was then in my KG's. It was the happiest moment in my life when I was promoted to class I. This was because I had computer as a supplementary subject. I started learning, what things are like, and how does this machine operate. It was fun. I learnt LOGO. Computer was not very popular though at that time. As I grew the curiosity to know about computers widened. It was at std. VII when I became sorely addicted to this machine. I told my dad',"Hey dad, why don't you get me a computer? It will help you with your office jobs too!" My dad thought I was joking. But I became a nark. I nagged all the day for a personal computer. In the meanwhile I had done a few crash courses at the DIIT. After that all of a sudden I broke my fore-limb. I was at rest. It was then when I saw some hope. My eyes glowed with a joy that soon I'll have a PC. It sounded great. No one in my school ever thought of a Computer at that time. It was an unimaginable thing to them. Only one of my friend owned a computer then, though it was an old model and next to worthless. So one day my father bought me the so called "computer". It was a star then. Exchanging CDs and talking big things about computer was fun. Gradually, I started expertising in this field. My friends now had computers. But not all. Only a finger counted number of my friends had a coumputer now. SO things became more varied. Computers stroke the scene now. Years passed out like tides. And now I was in std. VIII. I had many e-mail id's which was of no use as i hardly needed them. But VIII brought in the need for a permanent e-mail id. SO i got my self registered with YAhoo!. Great id and great YaHoo! I still have the id as my main id. The other guise id's are only for chat and fun making. Though I have over 20 id's, I use only 5-6 of them and others are obsolete now, i guess.So std. VIII I had someone special for whom I had the ID. Great. But now everyone's special.L0L. eh heh. So I needed an internet connection now, at my home. But "no" said my mom. So nothing doing brother'. But when I already had a personal cell phone, I thought I could ask for the internet too. And after showing some substantial reasons to my mom it contrived the internet connection. YEAHOOOOOOO!! Birds were flying in the sky and the pigs too. But I was enraptured at my computer screen. SO now I was a regular chatter. Yahoo rooms were so common for me. I loved the Internet, I do even more now, and future is clear, I will marry the Internet. eh heh!The incident that surprises me, was today's. My goodness! How can this happen! Just read through->> I had surfed the net without reading for my English papers tomorrow. And at 9:30 pm i was given my dinner. I received the dinner at my room where my computer is kept. And as I was busy internetting, my mom gave me my tooth brush with a red jelly paste on it. It was kept beside my dinner plate. SO it was 10:45pm and my dinner was same as before, unmoved & untouched. My mom entered my room and just gave in a poke. "Yes mom eating the food right now". Who eat the food.? I took my brush and started brushing my tooth.! My goodness, I didn't even know that I had started brushing without taking the food. My mom saw me. She brust out laughing. I too was a bit coy. Ashamed I was!

Sunday, January 16, 2005

The day befOre your last exams!

I was a fool I would say. Do you know what happened at the field today in the morning? I bet you can't even guess what happened. Oh I am not in a mood actually..

The day was not all that bad. Mom, Dad and bro out of house for a picnic; what else can you think of? But I would say I was at a slack all the way. Tomorrow's my English exam. But just think of me. People would say either I am sick our I am psycho! No wonder I could be one amongst the two. Things are not always normal that all has to agree. But the things today were extra-abnormal. Okay today I had woken up at 8'o clock or so. Then wrote the first blog as you all can see. And then off I went for the sports which is held in a field near-by. And now instead of studying I am in front of my PC writing for my blog and chatting along with my friends. How idiotic i look. I wonder if I could have a internet job. Then I am quite sure I would have started hating the vocation soon. Oh' iI have not even looked at the newspaper today. While sunday's paper is my favourite. I like the section of suhel seth-"Survival strategies", in the Graphiti. But as the fact is I had tossed the paper in the morning and am not concerned for it yet.
And now I am again to go for the so called "sports meet" at the nearby field. SO see you soon.

eh' why does our parents think us to be kids?

I know it is important to look after the kids and keep a proper vigil over them. But ain't it that, there is a sort of suffocation when some has a watch over you all the time? It is damn irritating. More irritating than the base-less music.
My exams are on. Tomorrow I have my last written paper of English. I won't say I am prepared for the task. But I have a life of my own. And I want to live it without the pressure of the books and without the fear of exams. As for me I am always a mediocre. God knows when I'll have some sense and start taking studies seriously.
Only for this reason that I hate India. I like the life style of a foreign kid. The things to them are like this-> study, homework, but a minimal amount; friends,girl-friends,dating, always the first priority. They have no tension of their future. And what makes the drastic difference is they don't have to counter their parents' vitriolic words for instance. Substantially, they lead a merry life.
Oh' the main thing that i was going to tell ya' all. Yes as I said my exams are on. My mom is here with us on a leave and she would be rejoining her work after my exams are over. So I was always having a miserable time with my mom. It started off with a cold war situation, but the war broke out the soonest. It was my father who last week came up with an invitaion to a picnic. As to no wonder my mom refused it as if she was given some poison. But I wanted them to go. I wanted to prove them that it was time that they had chuked me and started going to places without me. I have grown up after all. And i no more liked hanging out with my parents. My brother is small. He does argue a lot for not going along. When nothing settles, he comes up telling->"I'll go if Arka goes"! And see i am trapped again. But this time was a chance for me. I had the excuse of my exam. So I forged in them the idea of going to the picnic without me. What do you think they had thought and done?? Eh' I got lucky this time. My mom agreed for the picnic as she doesnot receive a many invitaions and this time she did not let it go. It's this morning that they have the picnic on. They are out for the picnic. I am at my house writing this blog. And I have too many plans for myself. Firstly our local play field has a sports programme. So I'll be off to the field in not more than about 2-3 hours. And no-no to studies!!
P.S. My first blog at this site. hope it is lucky for me.

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