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Sunday, January 23, 2005

L0vE U piNDRop dA'

"A man may die, nations may rise and fall, but an
idea lives on. Ideas have endurance without death."-

It was almost a year ago. I first went to the Calcutta Global Chat. I was new to the kolkata room. I knew no one there. I found a guy using foul languages. That gave me a tinge of making some fun. It was a girl named barbie whom I victimised. I abused the girl with all the gross vitriolic words I knew. People abhored what I said. Then It was pindrop da to my rescue. He PM'ed me. Said ,"hey buddy! don't be so rude." Now I realized what wrong I was doing. It was pindrop da whom I gave my intro to. Gradually, talking for quite some time we befreinded each other. He told me about him. Now we had become friends. I accepted him as my dada. He ws kool. He was like me. He taught me more about chatting. What luck I am to have a dada like that. I heard more about him. His girl friend, home, friends, etc etc.. umm! now we shared secrets. Everyday we used to chat till 2-3 o'clock night. I become so very fond of him. I loved my dada. He is so sweet. We talked everything. We shared our feelings in times of joy and sorrow. Now I had his mobile no. Though I never called him,but sms'ed a number of times. Things were so good then. But It was time for him to go back to Bangalore where he was doing his higher studies. He left. I was so depressed for some days. But I was habituated soon. I missed by brother. I missed talking to him. He came in for chats on sundays. It was so good talking to him. It felt as if he was my own brother. I felt like home with him. But with time everything changed. Everything was so gloomy. He was struck by several diseases. His health betrayed him everytime. Now he has caught an incurable disease. Dear! I cann't see him bear the pain. Just think of his life. His girl friend , family. Now he is so sad. I find him talking about his health all the time. I pity him. I am so very disheartened for him. I feel terible. I must tell you he's LIGHT-FINGERED. He steals away the hearts. He is my sweetheart. I love him and I'll love him till i am dead. Please, I request all of you to pray for him!


  • oore nikku re !!

    i really feel sad for pindropda ! he was a good fellow ! i knew him ! and dont worry i'll pray for him !

    c ya


    By Blogger sam, at 3:36 PM  

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