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Saturday, January 22, 2005

Romp the RuLes

Cigarattes, more cigarattes, and even more. Angan Dutta is all worthy. And why do you think he has a cigaratte lit all the time. Just because I have a cigaratte lit like him all the time. Noon was boring today. Nothing to pass my time with. Sometimes I thought I would read the story book and do good to myself. But who cares. Anyway the clock ticked 4. I could no more resist myself from stirring out. I searched my closet, to check if I had some lose cash or not. It took only a minute for me to gather more than 5 annas. I plodded to a ciggy shop. I waited there a bit thinking which brand to try out today. I set my mind. One ciggy and a packet of bidi. Gosh' please guys do not think myself that poor. I think bidi is not so bad afterall. The good points lie in everywhere. I'll tell you the positive points of bidi. bidi doesnot smell like the ciggy does. It is lot more economical. Bidi's are fun. Anyway, I knocked the shop. "Gimme a flake and a packet of bidi", I added, "and please do give a matchbox along." While I was nurturing my purse for the cash I was cheated. That is I was given a wrong brand of ciggy. Oh' mistake again. Advice to you people, do check what brand you have after the transaction. Hmm. there was no time for me to revolt. I had already swiped out half of my ciggy sitting on a platform nearby. Hmm good enough. But the taste of the ciggy was disgusting. I learnt a lesson. Good for me. Okay that was so. Now I have come to our field. Alas no one yet has arrived. So I thought to myself-''nik let's have the bidi''. KOOL.. I lit the bidi. Oh great. I must say the bidi tasted better than the brandless ciggy. Then came in one of my friend. I offered him a bidi. With joyous smile he accepted it. And to accompany him I lit another bidi. Then came another boy, now he offered me a ciggy. Oh' what an opportunity. Do I let go? Hmm I had to. I said to myself, -"nik smoke another bidi if you want and forget the ciggy". I bet my life, bidi smoking is kool. So I had three bidis today. I had to leave the packet at the field itself; booking few more bidis for tomorrow. Night's approaching, if my father is asleep. I'll steal out a ciggy from his packet. eh heh'


  • hey nik !

    yeah , it was good but in someways , not a very interesting topic to read about ! but overall it was good enough


    By Blogger sam, at 11:47 AM  

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