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Friday, January 28, 2005

WhaT maKeS tHe iNDiaN v0TiNG absuRD!

WE have dozens of reality shows. For example 'V-pop star ki KHoj', 'dANCE dANCE', 'Indian Idol', etc etc.. Among all these shows I'm a regular viewer of 'Indian Idol'. Indian Idol has a rule of voting. People are the jury and they vote out their least favourite contestants. So, for quite a few days I was noticing that the voting is absurd. The results were shocking and a bitter one. Ravinder Ravi sorry but I should say he deserves a thrashing. Please India let the capable win. If Ravinder is the Idol of India, we can well conclude that our country's future is in danger. Talent shows are not emotional roller coaster shows, here the talented wears the crown. So vote effeciently and be fair.


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