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Thursday, January 27, 2005

wHat'z nxT?

Early in the morning the alarm clock woke me up. I found my breakfast ready. I asked mom if I could drop my school that day. But mom didnot care much about what I said. I thought just because she was thinking about her work, she did not care me. Anyway, the school bus halted before our house. It blared thrice. But i saw mom taking no notice of it. Strange! I hurried up to the bus without seeing my mom out in the varenda. While in the way to school I found everyone staring at me in the bus. "wh..what is it?" I demanded. "Do you know your parents were called yestarday to meet the school authorites?", someone in the crowd added,"Grow serious nik". Was there something wrong? Who cares. It was my daily routine by now. My parents were called now and then, so common. But I thought over, was my mom worried, because of this reason? Who cares! Alas! none of my friends laughed at my jokes or my nonsense dramas. "What happened to them now?", who cares! But I felt as if they were avoiding me. Yes they were along with my teachers. I went back home with lots of interrogations on my mind. "Mom serve the lunch fast, I am hungry", I shouted. Uhh! Mom threw my books and the computer screen breaking it into pieces. After that! mmmm ... er... don't ask me. Even I am as eager as you all are, to know what happened next. Arrey YAAR! Damn how can I tell you what happened next, as I saw all these last night in my sleep. And I woke up half way in my sleep when I saw my computer screen in pieces. What'z nxT?


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