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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

woRRYing FUTuRE!

PRE-BOARD results are out. I am depressed. Rather worried. I have to say goodbye to my loved school. Say anything but the truth is that my school is like a family. The HEM SHEELA family. And I cann't be overthrowned so bitterly, from my family. My stay is necessary, not for the HEM-SHEELA family but for myself. Old friends, teachers, the field, the place where we sat and chit-chatted about all the foul topics, the green-board, the school days. I feel like weeping all night. I cann't stand the despiar anymore. This dismal condition is all because of my laziness towards my studies. DO you know how much I have scored in ENGLISH; only 39 out of 100. uh-huh! Using bombastic words while writing blog won't help me become an english man. English is not easy after all. It takes years for a self to accomplish some tasks. And see when I had the opportunity, I wasted it, as if it were a child's play. I wish if I'm admitted in my HEM-SHEELA family once again. I am not a 'gadabout' in a sense. But I always like gadding around. Tell me who does not like gadding about? I'll miss my school. What I am more worried about is about the new school where I am going to be admitted in; if I am out of the family. GOD scares me. Ghouls play in my dreams. The witch frightens me in my dreams. The sun-sets for ever in my dreams. Is this any dream. Why am I so scared? I am a sport after all. I am not like a normal child. But I am a human besides all. I have too many friends and not even one enemy. And saying bye to all is so difficult. CAN I CRY MY PAIN OUT TO THE WORLD? How can I regain the GIMMICKY smile?? I don't want to lose any of my friends. I cann't stay my life without them. I am so very used to my schooldays. BABY WONT TO LISTEN TO MY HEART BEAT?? Apart from the knowns and unknowns, what else is there??


  • hey nik

    yeah ! ur n mine posts are quite similar , but its obvious for both me n u to post a similar post , atleast when w got our results ! it was a disaster indeed !

    never mind ! yeah i do think tht u were drank when u commented in my site , coz the comment was the most stupic one i can ever get !!

    k but anyways ur post was so so , maybe i can give you 68.25 out of 100 .

    plz do add more spices ! so tht one feels like reading it!

    and one more thing :- try to make ur posts short ! it really takes time to read it

    c ya

    By Blogger sam, at 9:45 AM  

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