cOmE aND riTE

Thursday, February 03, 2005

cOmÞuteR c0MÞutER!

Machines will alway be machines. I have been troubled by my computer since the last 3 months. Once I was able to log in to windows 98se;; I lost track of windows XP. And when I was able to work on windows Xp I found problems with 98se. I formatted my drives. I partioned and made a single drive with the letter C. And again re-partioned the drive into two equal parts C & D. Now the primary dive letter had 98se and the secondary had XP. But whenever I tried enter Xp there was a black screen to my dismay. This prevented me to work on XP. But today I was kind of touched by this nonsense. SO I got my CPu and disjointed every single connections. I re-assembled each and every part knowing what is best. And when it was all done, cheers it became ok.


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