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Friday, February 04, 2005

..:: n0thiNg iS wRoNG ::..

How does the world define the wrong? As the world says, "wrong is something unpleasant, something that is untrue, something that is unfair, something that is wrong". Then I'd say everything that we do and see is wrong. As a right maybe wrong to you or a wrong might be a right to me. That means we have no rights to define the wrong, nor even the right. But truth is the reality. We have to face the truth as it is always right. A a false can be right or cannot be also. But truth is always triumphant. We might have coloured our lives with all the rights, but the picture is not clear until there is the colour of wrong. And to make the picture even more pellucid we have to taste every right and wrong. But beware wrong should not do wrong to others. That is you can take up smoking and die young. But your smoking should not ruin others' lives. For example, if you have a girl friend who love your more than her life. In that case, it would be wrong to die in your youth, shattering the girl's aspirations.

"A right can afford a defeat, but a wrong cannot"-niK


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