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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

sTuck beTwEEn BIO. & COMP.

Oh..err..umm.. yestarday i turned 16. To be simple 31st Jan was my birthday. I don't like to mention what I did and what I didnot.

So I am on the brim of one closing year. And so I have to think about class 11 well; in advance when I already have bought the admission form. It is to be submitted to the school department early by 12th of this month. And I we are to mark the additional subjects either, when submitting the form. So Mathametics is a sure shot but I can't decide my mind if it will be Computer or it will be Biology. I'm in a great dilema. Thus to clear all this doubts I made some kind of survey. And to my surprise maximum of my friends were in support of Computer. At first I thought I'll have no one supporting me in the Computer line. But see I have many. It is not that I dislike biology but that I like Computer more than anything. And being with my computer would be like being with my life. I always prefer to do something that is good for me and in a way in which I am interested in. So the chooice is clear. See, I can't spend my time with Biology but I will love to spend my time with Computer. Taking Biology and going on with that line is like climbing a leafless tree. A leafless tree, no photosynthesis and in turn no fruits. No fruits mean no gains. And moreover I can't let this chance slip my hands. When I can learn something as interesting as C++, then "I love you baby, I love you". That means I love to take Computer as my subject. Atleast if I take computer as my subject then I'll have the excuse to sit in front of the computer monitor, which would not be possible if I take biology. And just think NIK THE COMPUTER GEEK studying biology! Gosh' won't that sound startling? So 'chow chow BIO.' And 'holla COMPU.'


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