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Thursday, February 10, 2005


Exams are nearing. Everything seems so gloomy. OUr lives have become DOWNBEATS. Whenever we get some time, we think of the DOwNbeatS. Our minds are in anguish. We can think of success, but that adds another dream to the list. We are afraid to lose. But we don't know the way to victory. We have the guitar but dont have the notes. We many times try to pluck the right string but fail. We make wierd noises. Our life's a stage and our guitars're our lifeline. The crass music that I play is inferior. I need perfection. I open the computer in search of peace. But the keys hurt my delicate fingers. I try to play the guitar with my wounded fingers but fail. Everything is in vain. I am afraid to lose. Our dreams are rhapsodic, but in vain. I try to rewind my mind and hope some peace. But end being a hopeless lad. I distant my cronys playing the wrong string. The string stings. I listen to crass musics but everything in vain. I rewrite my fellings but in vain. Hopelessly watch the telly, but hope seems never to meet me again. 'O bondhu eso, kachey eso, tobu eso, kache eso'-lol. Water bottle above my computer table just waiting for a chance to spill water over my keyboard and dysfunction it. I'll cry bottles of water if that happen. But be it the water or some other creature, I'll have to cry. "dHAdaR thEkEo JotiL tuMI"!


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