cOmE aND riTE

Friday, May 13, 2005

Back aFtEr a BrEach

"Bye Bye!", did i say that.. Nah' I never say bye to a thing that is so good to me. And i've liked writing, not always, but at times only. I started blogging abrupty. I am not one of those who has a good command of patience. So I am always unfinished with the things that i start doing.

Yestarday, night, I was awake till 4:30.. Though it was morning by then, I planned not to sleep. As I had told my friend that I'll be wating for him in the bus stop at 5'oclock morning. But I was tired. I streched my eyebrows. Rubbed them hard so that I don't fall asleep. The night was amicably spent. I had such experiences that one can hardly bear. But, I can't disclose each and every secret. And I in noway want to be a thin-skin and a perfect revealer. So I can't tell you about my experience, that night. But I must say they were amicably bitter.
Just when it was 4:30am my modem betrayed me. The computer was shut down. I tried instaling it once. But failed. I was perceptive of the fact that, I was sleepy. I thought I better lay back on my bed. And as Laid down, I was fast asleep. The morning was bright. I was awakened at 10:30'am.. And followed the day's rutine.

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